Who we are...

What are reasonable price point and buying strategies for different regions? What does vintage variation really mean for different styles, regions and grape types? What are the right wines for different events and what makes a memorable and profitable wine program? Aside from our passion for drinking wine, these are the types of questions that drive us!

Elevage & Co. was created by Certified Sommelier Jace Chaffee. It is a client-centric company, guided by an idea about fine wine and food, that delivers amazing professional services to consumer and commercial clients. Come share our passion and discover amazing wine with us.

...Our passion

Our Services

Cellar Management

We work to take organization and management of personal and commercial cellars to the next level with custom inventory solutions, advisory services and custom cellar design and building.

Wine Sourcing

Personal buying at all price points, from one bottle to many, with emphasis on building balanced cellars and sourcing unique and rare bottles.

Program Planning

With an in-house Certified Sommelier; we are passionate to share the pleasure that great food and wine can create together. We specialize in creating wine programs for consumer events and restaurants with a focus on strategy and client goals.